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 Mod Application

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PostSubject: Mod Application    Mod Application  EmptyTue Oct 21, 2014 8:54 pm


How long have you played on pangea?
-Ive been playing pangea craft from when it first started and still playing Very Happy.

Why would you like to become a member of staff?
-Beacuse i think im capabel of holding this rank and hopefully ill get it.

Why should we consider you for this rank?
-Beacuse im online alot and im already an Exe and Trustworthy

Have you ever been banned from any server/broken server rules?
-No i did not get ban from any server. and i think i had broken one rule when i was a new player to this server

Have you held any ranks in the past?
- yes, proven,pangian,YTuber,Executioner,(and HeadAdmin on a other server which is now down )

What are your specialties? (eg Dealing with people etc)
-I talk with every one and i help most of the players if they need any thing +im good at building and stuff.
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Mod Application
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